Griphouse People: John Brown

Here is our next installment in the Griphouse People series. With this blog series we are celebrating some of our members who have achieved really cool things outwith attacking people in cages and rings around the world. We strongly believe that everyone’s reasons for training have equal validity. Our goal is to improve our people through martial arts .

Just over three years ago I was encouraged to try a session of Muay Thai at the Griphouse gym by my Daughter Jo and her partner Grant. At the time I was an overweight couch potato, with a waistline of 36”, not too healthy for a male who is only 5’ 7” tall. My idea of a good evening after a hard day at work was lying on the couch watching television. I had my week set out and it didn’t involve too much exercise. Friday night was the time to head to the pub for a few beers and then go home and relax for the rest of the weekend. This seems quite a common life style for a 55 year old male in Glasgow.

I attended the first session and I found it really hard, but I was encouraged to give it everything I could by my daughter and the coach “Guy Ramsay”. Needless to say I had a few aches and pains for a few days after that first session but I did enjoy it. How do I know that I enjoyed the training? I am now 58 years old and still attend the Griphouse Muay Thai classes.

I am now a 30/31 waist. I weigh a little more as the fat has now been replaced with some muscle. This has helped my own perception of my body image and increased my confidence. I work as a secondary school teacher which at times is very stressful. If I feel tired and stressed a session at the Griphouse takes it all away. I go into work the next day feeling invigorated and without a care in the world. My overall Health & well being has increased considerably since I started training at the Griphouse.

This has all been possible due to the family atmosphere at the Griphouse, everyone is made to feel welcome. I have made many new friends who I look forward to seeing and training with. I now attend the Griphouse on my own as my daughter now lives abroad but this is never a problem, you always find a partner to train with. It could be a joiner, a shopkeeper or a lawyer. We are all there for the same reason and that is to improve our fitness, so everyone fits in.

The two main coaches that I have worked with over the years have been Tommy Young and Kenny(Kent) Ho. Both are excellent coaches who have a love of their sport , really enjoy coaching and passing on their experiences. They have different methods but the same goals, which keeps it interesting, it’s never boring. There is always something new to learn. I have also been fortunate to attend sessions with Guy Ramsay, Sean Wright, Lyn Minn-Din, Mani Singh and Hillary Mack who are all excellent coaches.

Personally I really enjoy training at the Griphouse and would recommend it to anyone. The family atmosphere where all are welcome makes it stand out on its own, it is second to none. Don’t let silly things like age, lack of fitness, being overweight or your own self esteem stop you from giving it a try. You are never pressured to do any more than you are capable of at the Griphouse. The experienced coaches have your health & well being as their primary concern and will look after you. Always remember that any exercise is better than no exercise. I would recommend that you attend a session at the Griphouse and give it a try you will be pleasantly surprised at how well you feel after the class.

Cheers for that John.


4 thoughts on “Griphouse People: John Brown

  1. I absolutely agree with you John, there is no gym in world that would make you feel so good from the very first session. As you know i now live in Canada and ive tried many gyms here and nothing has come close to the welcome you receive or the training. The Griphouse is a truly one of a kind place, i loved every bit of time spent there. I cant recommend the place highly enough! I miss everyone and the training very much.

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