Fat Loss: What we can learn from fighters?

The quest for long term fat loss is a giant industry worth billions of pounds word-wide. People will happily spend hundreds on any person or product that will help them shed unwanted fat.

At the Griphouse almost every week one of our athletes is attempting to drop weight for an upcoming competition. Our guys regularly drop 3-10kgs in water and fat mass in the lead up to a scheduled bout.

What makes these guys so good at getting to incredibly low body fat percentages?


With great results comes great homo eroticism

1.They are doing something they love.

This is pretty much the biggest secret. However you are trying to shed fat mass tie it to an activity you find fun and challenging. If you have to drag yourself to training and hate your time there, why bother?

Ultimately our fighters train because they enjoy it. It’s the only good reason to do anything anyway. If you enjoy it you will be consistent and consistency is the key to improvement. When you focus on continual improvement,body composition change happens as a byproduct. Love what you do and focus on getting better everyday, this will ensure you will be training for a long time and less likely to pile on pounds.

Getting in shape and staying that way your entire life is not about a 6week plan. It’s a life long commitment to activity and sensible eating choices.

Tip: whether it’s Jiu jitsu, MMA , Muay Thai or Wrestling give it some time and make sure you enjoy it. If not move on to something else and see what fits for you. Then throw yourself into it, become a fan of the sport and everything associated with it.

2. They have built a positive supporting community.

Being surrounded by in shape people sets the bench mark high. Societal norms push us to be like everyone else so if everyone you know looks like Huge Jackedman you tend to watch what you eat.20140702-155407-57247828.jpg

The Griphouse is a great source of information for those looking to improve how they look in the nip. The shear amount of Tupperware flying around with delicious stuff inside is staggering. People are always ready to share healthy recipes, nutrition advice and cool tips for everyone’s mutual benefit. If you do not enjoy eating clean then staying in shape is going to be a challenge.

Did you know that hazelnut milk mixed with chocolate protein tastes like Nutella? Thanks to Griphouse fighter Keith Maclachlan for that one.

The community vibe also permeates to the classes themselves. Did you do those million burpess followed by 1000 double kicks to lose weight or did you do them because everyone else did? Having people around you who are pushing themselves is invaluable in making the most of your work outs.

Tip: get involved, be there regularly, help out where you can, ask questions and become a true member and resource for those at your gym.

3. They are accountable.

A fighter has a date and a time whereby the must be a specific weight. If they miss that weight they will face some hard questions from their team mates. Missing weight at the Griphouse is like drop kicking a baby, it’s very not cool.

With a set time frame, positive motivation and the threat of violence if you don’t meet your goals, good things happen.

Tip: Tell people what you are doing and set a time frame. “I will do this diet for 4 weeks, if you see me with a doughnut, kick me in the leg” you can usually find a good few volunteers to oblige you.

I have highlighted a few points that I think help our fighters achieve some really impressive results. But it’s not just the fighters. Our non competitive athletes regularly achieve results as impressive if not more so than the guys competing. More than once a members transformation has tricked me into thinking they were two different people. Ross Jack was one such guy.

I have worked in more traditional fitness venues and the level of success achieved is nowhere near the level that I see on a daily basis amongst our non competing members. I believe that the success is due to factors listed above, an activity you love and a supportive community. Non competitive athletes don’t tend to get photographed taps aff at a specific date so the accountability is diminished somewhat. However by letting people know what you are attempting and setting deadlines accountability is brought back into play.

I am currently guinea pigging a nutrition intervention thingy that will be unveiled on this blog as the BIg Griphouse Nutrition Experiment. This will be free to everyone and will be ready to launch in a few weeks. All I ask is you let us know how you get on. If your interested in taking part drop a message in the comments section.



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